Friday, July 13, 2012

Scenes at Floria 2012

Spending time Together - 3 generations

Here is my mother, selecting seeds and spices for her frame

Sticking the star aniseed seem to be a challenge so I put generous dollops of polystyrene  glue on it.

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Here are the finished frames
At Floria 2012, we escaped the blazing late morning sun and settled under a tent where there was a talk about making multi-purpose enzimes.  Since we were early, we  filled  up the time making spicy photo frames.

It was a wonderful time spent with my mother and daughter.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Floria 2012, Putrajaya, 30 June - 8th July 2012 at Taman Wawasan, Presinct 2, Putrajaya

This year, the theme is bougainvillas

Wow, what a lot of flowers that they are going to use to prepare for the 

I love still in progress though.  I am sure they are rushing to ensure all  will be ready for the exhibition in  a couple of days..

I will post more photos when I get them...these are from Master Gardener

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sri Aman, Sports Day 2012

Sekolah Sri Aman Sports Day 2012 - students taking their oath

Actually I missed the march pass and by the time I arrived, the girls were already lined up in the  Stadium MBPJ  (Kelana Jaya)  field. At 9am, the sun was already scorching hot

Red Cresent and Police Cadets

Fire Brigade Cadets

Blue House - Rise of The New Kingdom - King, Queen & princess

Zorro and the Damsel In Distress

Fadeela & Her bright cheerful smile

Makan Time.....someone brought Nasi Lemak for all the blue house  team

One of the track event...on your marks, get st, Goooo.....

Huff and puff...they usually run on the school field (with real grass)  must be pretty hot to run on the stadium track.

This girl was just waving her flag non-stop.....

Hot! Hot! Hot!  The girls were pretty sun-burnt after this day...  Not everyone brought their umbrellas....

Pretty girls with their painted faces, going row by row...collecting garbage and making sure they kept their  area clean...or else loose valuable marks that had been collected in the many event they had taken part in to ensure their Blue house got good placing

Some girls hiding out in the shade...hehehe - tablet and yes...MILO from the Milo truck...honestly, I had 4 cups of the cool drink that somehow, at my age seemed a tad too sweet...

My Fadeela, I lined the front portion of the hat with aluminium foil...try it, in this weather, it is  incredible help...

My aluminium creation, but looks like a lamp shade but gosh...sure kept me nice and cool against the blazing heat...made from recycled cereal box, bubble pack and aluminium foil....
It was a hot day....I was dressed in blue to help gain some points for my daughter's blue house...Note to time come early... Not many parents came as usual because it was held on a weekday....a work day. But that didn't frazzle all the girls' sun or not, I'm sure they had a happy time.  Especially when there were no classes that day. For the Sports Day, Blue house came in second.  After all the extra effort my daughter and her blue house team mates spent collecting recyclables, they wont tops for that. Phewh...I was glad that was we will be better prepared next year and win that again...

Looking at all the girls, screaming, chanting and waving their flags and banners, jumping up and down on the bleechers, I am reminded how young and carefree they are...and I was once too....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something that caught our attention

One evening, we saw this guy out jogging.  Wow...must have taken him ages to grow it that long...

He has patience....